a jaunt to pbt


a bypass to coleraine for a dirty takeout and visit to lidl
visiting the bushmills distillery
watching the nanny diaries
walking along the beach
a visit to morellis for overcharged ice-cream sundaes
breakfasting at the copper kettle
drinking in sweeneys

crazy pirate golf

we then payed a surprise visit to the crazy pirate golf course at dundonald.

birthday dinner and picnic photos

meal at drenans. complete with surprise birthday cake.

presents for breakfast.

picnic at crawfordsburn country park.

potted plants.

i have a love for plants and flowers. it started when i worked in a flower shop for a couple of years. its hard when limited to an apartment to cultivate this love though. so im slowly filling it with potted plants.

these are my latest :

the second is a succulent. i love succulents. they're so hardy and will withstand some neglect, including lack of water and sunlight. these are good traits.

: : paint job : :

painted one of the lounge walls blue.

i love it. makes such a difference.

new york waterfalls...

i cant wait to see these on my trip to nyc this august:

four temporary waterfalls are being installed and will be up from mid-july to mid-october. designed by Olafur Eliasson, i'll be able to take a boat tour of them. how cool !?

impending ikea trip

its a bad thing when having only visited ikea two days ago, im planning what i'd like to pick up on my next trip...

'slatthult' is a set of stickers that are vintage-style frames, for putting wherever you like ! i'm planning on jazzing up my wall-light switches.

KARDEMUMMA plant pots are simple and stylish, and can be used for so many different things:

the fabric in ikea is incredible value, and i plan to make some cushion covers with patterns such as these:

paint and dinos

yesterday and today were busy days. activties included changing bedroom layout and cleaning simultaneously, a haircut, a shift at work, decluttering, a visit to b&q for paint, plants and a windowsill planter box, planting out the plants and painting an old 'fira' ikea drawer set.

living in an apartment is limiting in terms of the plants i can grow. i've often kept outdoor plants indoors, which has led to inevitable death... so with my new window box full of petunias, i plan to cable-tie it to the ledge of my kitchen window. i think my next plant project will be a terranium...

...complete with dinosaurs !

{ images from shims and sons}

last day

today is my last exam.

a one-hour multiple choice.

to celebrate, i go paint-colour picking...

eenie meenie miney mo...

as i'm currently in the middle of exams, and stressing out a little bit, i was bought some very lovely chocolates that i thought i'd share...

i'm only sharing pictures tho...