new york : museum : moma : part 2

the store at moma is nearly as exciting as the art contained in the museum. on my last trip, i purchased a black mug, pens, pencils, A1 posters, notebooks, guidebooks, etc etc.

they also have a comprehensive online store, so technically i could be shopping there all year round, but there's something about physically being there and seeing everything that is much more satisfying. i'm eyeing up the following items :

Art In Our Time: A Chronicle of The Museum Of Modern Art ($50)

Rothko: Number 10 poster ($10)

white eraser ($3)

architects blueprint paperweight ($25)

nantaka joy notebooks ($15) : see the artists blog - oh joy!

moma 'average day at the museum' watch ($40)

moma 'average day at the museum' pouch ($10)

sky umbrella ($48)

moma pull down keyholder ($6)

inside out martini glass ($65)

credit card at the ready...